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Coaching and Spiritual Direction
with Mary Waskowiak, RSM


Three Saturday Meetings
March 4, April 8 & 29, 2017

From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Lunch will be included


Program fee: $450

Certificate of Completion granted after full participation and conclusion of the program.

Please note: 2nd meeting rescheduled from April 1 to April 8. Registration Deadline: February 18, 2017.


The Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to explore the boundaries, bridges and terrain of coaching and spiritual direction?

This program is designed to deepen one's integration in spirituality and the art of accompanying another through spiritual direction and/or coaching.


Participants will engage one another in probing the meaning and experience of coaching and spiritual direction.  They will gain growing clarity about the distinct roles and potential intersections of coaching and spiritual direction.  The program will employ tools of presentation, process and the experience cycle (experience-reflection-action). 


A rhythm of individual and group silence and interaction will provide a rich atmosphere in which to touch both the inner and outer dimensions of this sacred work.

Mary Waskowiak, RSM    

Who Might Attend?

The program in Coaching and Spiritual Direction is intended for persons who, through their work, are supporting the development of human potential in others.  Mercy Center welcomes life and executive coaches, spiritual directors, counselors and therapists working from a person-centered or humanistic perspective and anyone in managerial or leadership positions who find themselves in the role of mentor.



Mary Waskowiak, RSM is a Sister of Mercy and certified/trained spiritual director and coach. Mary has served in leadership for 16 years. She is a founder of the Mercy Leadership Development Program and works with others in leadership formation/development programs.



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Overseas Residents: Please do not register online. Email to register.

Or call (650) 340-7454 for further information.



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