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Where Have You Been?
A Free Mercy Art Event

Opening reception with
Artist Sally K. Green

Saturday, May 13, 2017

From 2:00 to 4:00 pm


Discover something intimate and unknown about people who have traveled the worn paths before you... Imagine how differently we all might experience others—who may be new and different—if we first understood something about the road they have traveled.


All are welcome! There is no charge for this special event, but we would appreciate your RSVP.


Send an RSVP email.






Where Have You Been? is an artistic tribute to diversity, inclusion and courage across time. It is also a call-to-action. Each painting has an inspiring story and offers an invitation to all who visit: To seek the uncharted paths that bear our names...

The paintings were selected from my "Life & Work" and "Leaders with a Lasting Impression" collections. They represent a long-held curiosity to uncover the little-known stories of hard work, innovation, and survival, most often found on the worn paths.

—Sally K. Green


Since its founding in 2012, Sally has been the artist for the TABLE of PLENTY in Half Moon Bay, a weekly supper for the struggling families, elders, homeless, and hungry. Her professional contributions around the world since 1991 also reflect her commitment to dignity and respect for all.


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