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A Self-Guided Spiritual Retreat with
Original paintings by Sally K. Green

Now extended through May 31, 2018


...wisdom, insight, and inspiration for action and renewal




In her return visit to the Mercy Center Art Gallery, Sally K. Green shares a new collection of original paintings and a thought-provoking process for gathering WISDOM to keep.


Join us for three distinctive art exhibits; each is a unique self-guided Spiritual Retreat with its own theme.


When you participate, you will:

Walk worn paths to uncover INSIGHT from "fellow travelers" and spiritual leaders across time;


Stop to learn from the story, wisdom, and insight from those you encounter;


Think and question from your own perspective, discovering INSPIRATION to fuel a bold step forward in renewing yourself.

Come often to take it in at your own pace, or make your own plan. Open daily. Everyone is welcome! Groups by appointment.





Explore the SACRED PATHS of these trailblazers after the Resurrection across the Centuries:

St. Dominic, his human qualities • St. Joseph and the Christ Child

The Blessed Mother • St. John Chrysostom • St. Cecilia


St. Mary Magdalene • St. Pricilla • St. George • St. Helena


The Venerable Catherine McAuley, foundress, Sisters of Mercy


Servant of God Fr. Augustus Tolton, the first known African-American Catholic Priest;
learn from his life from slavery to priest


Blessed Julian of Norwich




Since 2012, Sally has served as the artist and a founding member of the leadership team for Table of Plenty in Half Moon Bay, California. Table of Plenty provides a weekly supper for struggling families, elders, homeless, and hungry.


Sally's professional contributions around the world through the Global Dialogue Center and Leadership Solutions companies reflect her commitment to dignity and respect for all people.


Learn how:

Sally K. Green exhibit at Mercy Center Art Gallery - May-June 2017: Where Have You Been?





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  •  Want to purchase a painting?*

For more information, please contact Debbe Kennedy at 650-245-4998 cell/text or


*A portion of the proceeds from all paintings purchased goes directly to support Mercy Center, Burlingame