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Seasons of Scripture

A Summer Day with Sacred Scripture:

How to Approach Understanding the

Old Testament, with Donald B. Sharp, S.J.


Thursday, June 28, 2018
10:00 am to 2:00 pm


Free – Bring a bag lunch
Donation Requested

The Old Testament has always been a challenge for Bible study groups. Perhaps the biggest problem is the lack of acquaintance with the customs and ordinary ways of expression found in the Hebriew Scriptures, whose oral and written tradition is nearly three thousand years old.

The presentation "A Summer Day with Sacred Scripture: How to approach understanding the Old Testament" will not focus on any particular book of the Old Testament, but on the necessary rules or tools to decipher the primary intention of the human author when he or she wrote, to whom, the historical setting, and the meaning of words at the time of writing.

A paramount principle of understanding begins with the realization that for the ancient Israelites, God was not just the deity they worshiped, but also their king. The presentation will begin with an examination of the role of God-King in the Israelites' lives, which pervaded their understanding of their God. The presentation will include an interactive discussion of the challenges for us 21st-century Christians to understand the ancient Hebrew writings.

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Donald B. Sharp, S.J. is a Jesuit Priest, a scriptural theologian. He has a Doctoral degree in Old Testament Literature and Languages.  He has taught OT in the University system for 40 years.  Retired from teaching now he is involved in a pastoral ministry and is a well-loved presider at Sunday Mass at Mercy Center once  each month where his insights into Scripture make for wonderful homilies..


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