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with Sandra Lommasson

Saturday, November 3, 1:30-3:30 pm


A Partnership between

Mercy Center and Bread of Life

We welcome you to the last quarterly gathering of Soul Tenders in 2018 at Mercy Center.

Surely God has prepared us for this time, surely we are called to fresh ways of being and doing that radiate hope in a world of challenge, together, in new communities of contemplative response. 


A Partnership between Mercy Center and Bread of Life



Saturday, November 3, 2018
1:30-3:00, Mercy Center Burlingame
Opening the Family Soul
$25 registration for non-members

For many years I have intuited, felt, worked with and prayed what I call my 'family soul.' It began at age 4 with a repeating dream that extended across years in which I became part of the wall of a cave that had generations of men, women and children in it. A large part of my personal soul-work has been emerging from that family 'wall' and in the process I sense that healing impacts have radiated both backwards and forwards. We are deeply interconnected!

it's time for me to begin an intentional exploration with others into how the holy work of 'soul-tending' expands beyond the personal and individual. I can think of no better place to initiate that journey than with you and hope you'll join me!




Non-members: go to the Bread of Life website to register for this event.

Attendance is free to Soul-Tender affiliates. RSVP to Valerie at Bread of Life.