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Seasons of Scripture

Springtime in Luke's Gospel:
Annunciation, Response, Revelation
with Mary Romo


Thursday, April 11, 2019

10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Free – Bring a bag lunch
Donation Requested

Spring—when God's seeds are sown, the soil breaks open, new life emerges, roots deepen, and the Good News spreads. Luke's gospel is replete with illustrations of Annunciations—to individual persons, in the lessons gleaned from Jesus' parables, at the crux of the conflicts he and his disciples faced, in the signs and hardships along the road to Jerusalem, up to Golgotha, and culminating in the blinding light of the empty tomb.

Not surprisingly, we witness this same unfolding narrative in the lives of the earliest Christians, in Luke, in the Book of Acts.

Springtime—when the dark chill of winter lifts, our senses quicken, and we see ever more clearly the hand of God in our midst.  During this liturgical season, we are summoned to pause, to reflect on our personal annunciation, to examine  our daily response, while more consciously  embracing the cross we have been chosen to bear.

Spring—the season of rebirth, of resurrection, of celebrating Christ's presence among us, informing our lives and guiding us along the path of Love, Justice, Mercy, Forgiveness.


Mary Romo, D.Min. is a long-time faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of San Francisco.  She recently received the USF Service Award "in grateful recognition of loyal service and dedication to the ideals of Jesuit education." Drawing upon her background in Ignatian Spirituality, she is spiritual director for men and women of all ages, and facilitates retreats throughout the Bay Area.  She regularly gives presentations on such topics as Sacred Scripture, Women in the Church, Ethics, and Spirituality. 



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