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Living Comfort, Living Joy:
Bringing More Compassion and Love
into Our Lives and the World

An 11-Day Online Retreat with
Spiritual Director Colette Lafia

January 20-30, 2020
Registration - $40

Living Comfort, Living Joy is an 11-day spiritual journey that will fill you with tender-hearted compassion, reassurance, encouragement, mercy, and the healing presence of love. It is also a time to renew yourself with deep and nourishing self-care.

Comfort and joy are powerful pathways to awakening God's love in our lives and in the lives of others. Through the channels of comfort, we touch the presence of the Spirit within us and around us, and discover God's great joy.



Included in this online retreat:

Prayers and Practices to invoke the healing presence of compassion, and God's tender love and mercy


Visio Divina to engage in the sacred practice of praying with images


Taizé Chants to meditate with sacred music


Personal Vignettes to inspire you to discover the many possibilities present in daily life for experiencing as well as sharing comfort and joy


Journaling Prompts to explore and expand your relationship to and embodiment of comfort and joy


Breath Awareness practices to deepen your contemplative practice


Five Guided Meditations led by Colette



Colette Lafia is a writer, spiritual director, and workshop and retreat leader.

She’s the author of Seeking Surrender, and Comfort & Joy.

Colette has a passion for helping people connect more deeply with the presence of the sacred in their daily lives.

Colette blogs about it at:

Colette Lafia



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