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Living at the Intersection of our
Finite and Infinite Nature:
The Portal of Wise Engagement
with Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D


April 16-18, 2020
Begins Thursday 6:00 pm (dinner)
Concludes Saturday with lunch

$300 Overnight / $255 Commuter




Our inner work is not just for our own well-being, but provides necessary direction to our outer work and interpersonal relationships in whatever roles we are called to. Inner and outer are intricately intertwined. 

EnneaCrossings™, an integration of two powerful and ancient symbols (the Enneagram and cross-cultural cross) that reflect the spiritual journey, brings new awareness to a mostly hidden interior neuro-psycho-spiritual structure that unconsciously can reinforce a sense of separateness as well as provide portals to our awakened nature.

“Life has a cruciform pattern” (R. Rohr), where we experience the contradictions, paradoxes, and push/pull of the finite and Infinite dimensions of life which are inherent to the human experience. The word ‘crossings’ reflects the fluidity of life, including our own movement, away from or leaning into the wholeness and interconnectedness of Being.

Deep Living


In this new retreat in the Beyond Duality series, we’ll inquire into what both inhibits and supports our wise engagement, especially in navigating uncertain and confusing times.

We will focus on the fourth portal (line between Enneagram points 8 and 1), building our capacity for being on the planet and serving with an evolved level of awareness.

Gather in community for this experiential retreat which includes brief teachings, somatic practices, individual and partner inquiry, silence, and mat work.  



Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D., is the author of the just-released book Deep Living with the Enneagram:  Recovering Your True Nature, Revised and Updated Edition (2020),  the original book, Deep Living:  Transforming Your Relationship to Every That Matters through the Enneagram, and Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as a Catalyst for Profound Change.  A co-authored companion book to Deep Living with the Enneagram will be available in summer, 2020, and her next book based on EnneaCrossings™ is due to be published in 2021.

Roxanne teaches internationally; is the founder and Senior Faculty of the Deep Coaching Institute, an internationally accredited, Enneagram coaching school founded on presence; and of the Deep Living Institute for spiritual and life practice.


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