Mercy Center



APRIL 28, 2012


In attendance: Anne Anderson, Barbara Campitelli, Mary Fuchs, Sr. Helen Gilsdorf, Mary Joyce, Sarah Paris, Janet Schroder, Pat Tompkins. Mark Werlin was participating in another program but stopped by to say hello.

As always, we had a rich and fun time sharing haiku and encouraging suggestions and feedback. Members brought a tasty assortment of cookies and snacks – thank you!

Sarah led a short "color visualization" exercise that produced some spontaneous and very colorful haiku. She also passed around an example of some of her own haiku as an example of arranging several poems around a theme (in this case, Golden Gate Park.)

The group then decided to use this as the theme for the next meeting: To write three or more haiku connected by a single theme or topic chosen by the author. This could be a location, a color, a mood, a subject, etc.

Barbara, Janet, and Mary Joyce have been writing Rengay together and are enjoying it very much. They will do a "show and tell" for the group next time. Pat Tompkins will do an exercise in October.

The next two meetings will be July 21 and October 27, 2012. Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Below are examples of the haiku shared at the April meeting.


Flying in circles,
Two mourning doves search
for last year's nest.
Anne Anderson
The garden
she picks daffodils
with raindrops
Barbara Campitelli
All the time I pray to Buddha
I keep on killing mosquitoes
- Buson
Offered by
Mary Fuchs
Hidden in a dark, dry place,
irrepressibly, bulbs
burst into buds and bloom!
Sr. Helen Gilsdorf
Full moon
lighting a black and white
Mary Joyce
San Francisco:
the song sparrows sing
in many dialects
Sarah Paris
Traffic noise
mingling with bird song –
such a cacophony
Janet Schroder
across a pond
water striders skitter
getting nowhere fast
Pat Tompkins


Next meeting: July 21, 2012
Theme: Three Haiku on the same subject