Mercy Center



OCTOBER 27, 2012


Attending: Anne Rees Anderson, Mary Joyce, Melodie Mellor, Sarah Paris, Pat Tompkins, Mark Werlin. New participants Jane Benson from Menlo Park and USF grad student Suma Nagaraj infused the meeting with their sparkling humor, writing talent and enthusiasm. Special thanks to Melodie for bringing Suma to the meeting. Barbara and Janet were unable to attend but sent new haiku to share.

Following the round of haiku reading, Pat Tompkins introduced the theme for the meeting: single-line haiku. This modern development in haiku form dispenses with traditional three lines and deemphasizes stress and syllables in favor of creating a vivid impression within the limitations of a single line of text. There are many different approaches to single-line haiku. Pat shared several poems that she felt best exemplified the form, and the participants then wrote a new single-line haiku or transformed one of our existing 3 line poems into a single line. It's a challenging practice!

We are going to write at least one single-line haiku to share at the Winter meeting, January 5, 2013. The Spring meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2013.

Some of the haiku shared at the October meeting:


September morn
the cage left open
fly, fly!
Barbara Campitelli
Old man
walking his old dog
twilight deepens
Anne Rees Anderson
A white plate
plump cousins of many hues
tomato palette
Jane Benson
Ancient walkway
sags, lines and wrinkles
in the old beauty
Mary Joyce
Merciful autumn
tones down the shabby curtains
of my rented room
Suma Nagaraj
Silver clouds
at dawn – the first frost
on the meadow
Sarah Paris
At night
sounds of insects punctuate
a Cuban serenade
Janet Schroder
shelves crammed
with books not yet read
shriveled apples
Pat Tompkins
a great blue heron
Mark Werlin