Mercy Center



JANUARY 5, 2013


Attending: Anne Rees Anderson, Jane Benson, Barbara Campitelli, Mary Fuchs, Mary Joyce, Sarah Paris, Janet Schroder and Mark Werlin.

Visiting participant David Wetton shared haiku and insights inspired by the Celtic Christian traditions of his native UK. It's gratifying that our commitment to meet quarterly and to maintain a presence on the Mercy Center website encourages visitors like David to join us around the haiku table.

Continuing the theme of the previous meeting, single-line haiku, Barbara shared several articles on the subject. We discussed the informative essay by Jim Kacian, "The Way of One" and "From One-line Poems to One-line Haiku" from the e-journal Simply Haiku.

The consensus within the group was that the single-line form permits fluidity of interpretation compared to the conventional 3-line form. Word groupings read (especially aloud) with different emphasis can shift our impression of meaning. Everyone joined in writing new single-line haiku on the spot – with very good results! There was also a short discussion about "cutting words" (Japanese: kire), their meaning and use. We'll investigate this topic at a later meaning.

At the Spring meeting, Anne has offered to do a brief presentation based on Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now". The suggested theme will be "Spring Sounds."

Upcoming dates: Spring Meeting April 20, Summer meeting July 27, 2013.

Some of the single-line haiku shared at the January meeting:


depth of night talking to him silently
Barbara Campitelli
cold deepens ravens huddle in their feathers
Anne Rees Anderson
shuss of skis snow white pelicans landing
Jane Benson
drip drip splat sitting on my cushion a waterfall of thoughts
Mary Fuchs
a toy boat sailing down the gutter with a leaf
Mary Joyce
amidst black storm clouds the eye of the full moon
Sarah Paris
pitter patter rain dancing off the windows
Janet Schroder
clouds gathering again the sun scorned
Mark Werlin
touch of the hand unspoken words
David Wetton