Mercy Center



JULY 27, 2013

Attending: Anne Rees Anderson, Jane Benson, Mary Fuchs, Mary Joyce, David Keim, Sarah Paris, Daniel Raskin, Janet Schroder, Pat Tompkins and Mark Werlin. Our welcome guest at this meeting was Janet's daughter Karen Schroder. Please feel free to bring guests to the group – we've hosted visitors from England, Norway and India in the past year!

Readings on the theme of 'Eat': nourishment in the broadest sense. There was a feeling in the room of attunement to a variety of haiku forms: 5/7/5 syllables, 2/3/2 stresses, and single-line haiku. We are all becoming more comfortable with, and less constrained by, the conventions of form. Many good suggestions were shared, particularly, paring down to the essential words that convey our experiences.

Sarah facilitated a writing exercise inspired by the experiences of the 20th century Japanese pilgrim-poet Santōka. The theme of 'Pilgrimage' prompted an outpouring of new poems, including the ones by Mary Joyce and Sarah Paris included in this report. Mark then distributed an article on the subject of wabi-sabi (perceiving beauty in the "old, faded and lonely") as a point of departure for our next meeting. Here are some web pages that discuss wabi-sabi:

Article by Leonard Koren

Wikpedia Page

Set your calendars: Fall meeting will take place on October 26, 2013. Theme: wabi-sabi. Winter meeting will take place on January 18, 2014, theme to be determined.

Some of the haiku shared at the July meeting:


Circling through the sky
a lone hawk
searches for its shadow
Anne Rees Anderson
on the train
watching the whales
travelling south
Jane Benson
full moon
stone leaping up
Mary Fuchs
on the road
the shadow of a crow
touching mine
Mary Joyce
Climbing the mountain
each step –
a chance to breathe!
David Keim
Alone on the road
under a black sky
no west, no east
Sarah Paris
Bad haiku today
No season, wrong syllables
Eat every word.
Daniel Raskin
house demolition
squeezing through the rubble
one bright orange lily
Janet Schroder
muted grandeur
nature interrupted
Hetch Hetchy Dam
Karen Schroder
grinding coffee beans
early morning; tomorrow –
grinding coffee beans
Mark Werlin