Mercy Center



JANUARY 24, 2015



Anne Rees Anderson, Jane Benson, Barbara Campitelli, Danielle Draper, Mary Joyce, David Keim, Elaine Mannon, Sarah Paris, Janet Schroder and Mark Werlin. Our pleasure to welcome first-time participants Karen, Judi, Yvonne, Margaret and John. A full table with great energy!

As always, we read rounds of haiku, and with the unusually large number of guests we spent a little more time in discussion of our focus on haiku as recorded direct experience.

David Keim compiled a selection of humorous haiku with the third line (generally, a single concluding word) blanked out, for us to complete. An exercise in inventiveness and language; the use of a verb rather than a noun would completely change the meaning and the tone of a poem. After several variant readings from around the table, Mark read the final lines from the original poems.

We circulated a draft of the new collection. Mark and Sarah will work some more on the formatting. The beautiful artwork was contributed by member David Keim. The final proof will be sent to all participating writers for a last review prior to printing. At the Spring meeting, we will also discuss plans for a new workshop later in 2015.


Upcoming Meetings

Spring: May 2, 2015 | Summer: August 22, 2015

Some of the haiku shared at the January meeting:


January nub…
dreaming of being
a white rose in June
Anne Rees Anderson
cold winter nights
old lovers warm my bed
fading in, fading out
Jane Benson
winter chill
a phone call at daybreak
broken dreams
Barbara Campitelli
Kerplunk! Pebbles
sink beneath lake sands—
only ripples remain
Danielle Draper
bending to the butterfly
the long-stemmed
Mary Joyce
after meditation
everyone filing out
a shoe drops
David Keim
fleeting image
caught in the morning light
a rippling curtain
Elaine Mannon
listening to
my teacher – light bursting
through the trees
Sarah Paris
staring at me staring at him
Janet Schroder
half moon in the clouds
wind propelling my footsteps
this path leads to home
Mark Werlin