Mercy Center



JAN 28, 2017



Barbara Campitelli, Mary Fuchs, Mary Joyce, David Keim Elaine Mannon, Sarah Paris, Joan Pera, Karen Schlumpp, Janet Schroder, and Mark Werlin. We welcomed four first-time participants: Nancy (from Oakland), Nancy (also from Oakland), Sharon and Amy. A full and lively table!



After rounds of haiku reading, Sarah handed out two basic texts, the Haiku guide our group edited from Hando's teaching on the Haiku Path, and an excerpt from Lee Gurga's book "Haiku", considered the essential haiku poet's guide. Sarah led an exercise in which members were invited to edit four haiku that contained common problems of beginners' haiku: lack of two elements, explicit rather than implicit meaning, and/or abstract language. Several very good new haiku emerged from the exercise and discussion.

Sarah asked everyone to review the two handouts and write down one question that arises, a personal response, or a frequent problem or technical matter of haiku writing that we can discuss together. This will be the exercise at the May 6 meeting.


Talks by Fr. Hand

The Hando Audio Library is now online, linked to the East-West page and Resources page. Over the coming weeks, more than 40 hours of talks given by Fr. Thomas Hand, S.J., the founder of the Mercy Center East-West program and our companion on the Haiku path, will be posted in MP3 format for listening online or downloading to listen on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Upcoming Meetings

May 6, 2017  Theme: Vegetables (or plants and vegetation)

Aug 26, 2017  Theme: TBD at the May meeting


Winter Haiku

Some haiku shared at the January 28 meeting:


Warm sunshine
the snowman
losing weight
Barbara Campitelli
circle of doves
opening their wings
white sky
Mary Fuchs
Silent afternoon
the roar of a plane slicing
the stillness
Mary Joyce
White chalk
gathering dust in the tray—
old school
David Keim
Blank sheets
of paper—words
struggling to emerge
Elaine Mannon
Another dawn
how exquisite
this dying world
Sarah Paris
frothy latte
reading love poems
sweet aftertaste
Karen Schlumpp
the nest—
perched in branches
awaiting guests
Janet Schroder
cold morning
the whitecaps—
Mark Werlin