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On the 1st Friday of the month, at 8:00 p.m. in the Chapel at Mercy Center Burlingame, prayers are held around the Cross. It is an opportunity to express our communion with those who are suffering and to commit all burdens to Christ who partakes in the suffering of humanity until the end of time.

In 1940 Brother Roger settled in the village of Taizé, France to offer a haven for political refugees. From the start the community was characterized by the search for peace and reconciliation in the human family. Brother Roger’s intention was to gather together people who would commit themselves for life to celibacy and to live together, in order to form a "parable community."

Today the ecumenical community that he founded includes Catholic and Protestant brothers from some 20 countries. Some brothers live in Taizé, others in fraternities among the poorest of the poor all over the world, in slums in Africa, Asia and South America.

Beginning in the 1960’s thousands of young people have come to Taizé in their search for meaning. But Taizé has always refused to create a movement, instead encouraging people to become involved in local churches and society.

In that same spirit of peace and reconciliation, Mercy Center's Taizé services are attended by people of all ages. Join us on the first Friday evening of the month as we enter together in song.

For more information, contact Jean Evans RSM, or call 650-373-4508.


First Fridays at Mercy Center
by Suzanne Toolan, RSM

Internationally-known liturgical composer Sr. Suzanne Toolan, RSM, recently wrote an article for Today's Liturgy Magazine about the Taizé program at Mercy Center Burlingame.

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