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Announcing a New Contemplative Podcast Series:


Life, Love, & Light: Reflections by Veronica Mary Rolf



In this series of contemplative podcasts, we delve into the wisdom of the Christian mystics to discover how they may inspire, encourage, and guide us on our own spiritual path—especially during this time of pandemic that produces so much fear and suffering.

In the first episode, we examine the deeper spiritual meaning of "sheltering in place" by exploring the life and times of the beloved medieval mystic, Julian of Norwich, who survived at least four cycles of the Bubonic plague and became a solitary anchorite, "sheltering in place" for over twenty-five years! During a near-death illness, Julian received sixteen Revelations of Divine Love from Christ on the cross and set them down in the first book written in English by a woman. She is best known for the words she heard Christ speak to her: "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and thou shalt see thyself that all manner of thing shall be well."

But there is so much more to discover in Julian’s Revelations—about the unconditional love and mercy of God, the nature of prayer, the Motherhood of God, and the ways in which Christ transforms all our sufferings into glory. Julian will be our guide to inspire and reassure us through this time of anxiety and loss, so that we may grow in love and trust of God.

In weekly podcasts, we will go in depth to explore each of Julian’s sixteen Revelations. Every podcast will also include a Guided Meditation for listeners to practice at home. Please join us in making this “Virtual Retreat with Julian of Norwich” while sheltering in place.

It’s Veronica’s gift, free of charge and available to all.



You can download the series from Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and a host of other directories, or visit Veronica's podcast page:

To read Veronica's blog posts, visit: |




Veronica Mary Rolf is a medieval scholar, retreat leader, and master teacher of dramatic arts. She is the author of "An Explorer's Guide to Julian of Norwich" (IVP Academic, 2018) and "Julian's Gospel: Illuminating the Life & Revelations of Julian of Norwich" (Orbis Books, 2013), which have won numerous awards, including a First Place Catholic Press Association Book Award and the Nautilus Gold Medal for Spirituality.

Her most recent book is "Suddenly There is God: The Story of Our Lives in Sacred Scripture" (Cascade Books, 2019).

Veronica lectures on Christian mysticism and sacred Scripture and (in “normal” times) leads contemplative retreats throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Veronica Mary Rolf