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Talks on emptiness, confronting our sense of abandonnment, nonduality and restoring connection to God.


God is a Hole


In abandonment we confront the incomprehensibility of God. listen part 1 part 2

Unprofitable Servants


The parable brings insights into restoring our connection to God. listen part 1 part 2

Non-Duality and the Christ


An intimation that leads to a deeper experience of reality. listen part 1 part 2

The Greatest Treason


Overcoming self-righteousness through Christian and Buddhist insights. listen part 1 part 2

Emptiness and Love


Exploring the Buddhist model of suffering and emptiness
in light of the Christian paradox of love and otherness.
listen part 1 part 2

Enlightenment and Self-Less Love


Reflections on the struggle to express Self-less love. listen part 1 part 2



How are we called to decode the symbol of the Trinity? listen part 1 part 2

The Resurrection


Howe we struggle to understand the story of the Resurrection. listen part 1 part 2

The Fall


Meditation is a path of restoration from the broken state of fallenness.


A Lump of Sin


Understanding the true meaning of sin allows us to
experience the boundlessness of unconditional love.


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