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Currently, all of our events are being held online.

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East-West Meditaiton
Centering Prayer
Taize Cross
Prayer in the Style of Taizé
Cancer Prayer Group

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Using Jen Norton’s book, Surrender All (Ave Maria Press) as a starting point, Jen and Mary DuQuaine, Director of Mercy Center Burlingame, will guide our walk together as we meditate on the Stations of the Cross. Then, Jen will guide you in creating a unique piece of expressive art that examines your own heart, finding clues to your mission call.

The workshop includes 6 “on-demand” pre-recorded sessions. You can access and view the pre-recorded art classes and reflections at any time. Small groups will also be offered at various times throughout Lent so that we can share our experiences of the journey.

The art project is open to all levels of creativity. No experience necessary!

Next Meeting: April 10, 2021

Free Will Offering

Grief and loss can take many forms. This year has brought many challenges. We may have lost loved ones or experienced feelings of uncertainty, loneliness, or a deep desire for things to return back to the way they were. This support Group is designed to help you listen closely to your heart in order to find healing and peace.

April 1-4,  2021


This retreat will provide an opportunity to gather online for three and a half days of silence, mindfulness, self-discovery and community. It will include silent meditation, spiritual talks, and private interviews with The Rev. Alice Cabotaje, MDiv, BCC, ACPE Certified Educator.

April 7, 2021 – 1-2:30 pm PDT


This seven-piece painting series is based on Carol Lee’s Flinders’s book “Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics.”  Sylvia depicts her interpretation of their visions and ideas in an abstract/semiabstract way. We will meditate on one painting together and we will include access to additional online meditations that you can view “on demand” for the other 6 paintings.

In common to all of the women was a deep desire to know God and Jesus and have a compassionate and loving relationship. Sylvia expresses that in the verticality of the compositions by establishing a connection between heaven and earth. The background is blue with the idea of heaven as the spiritual realm. The triangles and triangular composition symbolize the Trinity, and the element of collage (a different one for each painting), the three-dimensional aspect of their experience. The gold accents emphasize the divinity of God.

Besides these commonalities, there are important differences as well in how the mystics’ experiences were. Sylvia will quote from the writings she used as inspiration for the painting.

April 10, 2021

Free Will Offering

All who are interested in this fun and meditative approach to writing haiku are welcome. Join us as we explore haiku as a deepening spiritual practice.

April 17, 2021

Free Will Offering

Centering Prayer prepares us to more fully enter the interior silence and receive the gift of God’s presence, beyond thoughts, words and emotions. Centering Prayer facilitates the movement from more active modes of prayer–verbal, mental, or affective prayer–into a receptive prayer of resting in God. It emphasizes prayer as a personal relationship with God.

Whether you are new to Centering Prayer, or you would like to deepen your practice, it is helpful to look again at the foundations of the practice.  Please join us for a morning of online instruction, group practice, and opportunity for discussion and questions.

April 13, May 11, June 15, July 13, August 10, and September 14, 2021.  10am-12pm Pacific Time


You are invited to take time to reflect and write about your life, present and past, in a writing community. Writing prompts, information on writing craft, and time for discussion and sharing are essential parts of the program.

Beyond Duality: The Communal Heart

May 7 & 8, 2021


This time of transition has ushered in confusion, untold levels of loss, broken hearts and personal and societal disorder. Many are finding that the concepts, beliefs, assumptions, and usual ways of meeting life are no longer providing the foundation once thought to be solid. As in long past eras, extraordinary times of great change, loss and disruption have shown to be the rich ground that spurred the arising of new consciousness and wisdom. At the core of the major turning that we find ourselves in now is an urgency to follow Spirit back into the ‘the cave of our hearts,’ the anchor of interconnectedness and Unitive consciousness.

In this virtual retreat, we will inquire into a range of experiences that accompanies having a real relationship with our heart, explore how duality shows up in the egoic version of the heart, and engage in processes that support deep connectedness and communion. Teachings from wisdom and mystical traditions, meditations, personal writing, and participant sharing will be included to support your immersion into this tender and precious space. Live virtual sessions of 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours will be interspersed with extended breaks for personal care and time in silence and reflection. Two approximately 15-minute long videos will be available for viewing before the retreat to provide context and background from the EnneaCrossings™ body of work.

Saturday May 15, 2021  9am-Noon

Free Will Offering

In his book “The Human Condition” Thomas Keating writes, “This marvelous story of creation is not just about Adam and Eve. It is really about us. It is a revelation of where we are…At every moment of our lives, God is asking us, ‘Where are you? Why are you hiding? All the questions that are fundamental to human happiness arise when we ask ourselves these questions: Where am I? Where am I in relation to God, to myself, and to others? These are the basic questions of human life.”

In this workshop we will explore what Keating calls our “programs for happiness” ― areas in which our small self grasps for security, affection and control; but which rarely bring us true satisfaction. As we learn to recognize these and see them in action more clearly we can invite God’s help in letting them go, and in discovering ourselves as we are: fully loved by God exactly as we are, ready to receive the Living Water that truly satisfies.

This online Centering Prayer workshop includes instruction, group practice, and opportunity for discussion and questions.

5 y 6 de junio, 2021


Herramientas básicas de introducción al método. Sistema de autoconocimiento ancestral que define con gran precisión los 9 tipos de personalidad. Un verdadero “mapa” de desarrollo personal.

Un retiro que da la experiencia de los ejercicios de San Ignacio con acompañamiento espiritual personal:

  • Nuestra humanidad quebrantada y la misericordia de Dios
  • El seguimiento de Jesús
  • Viviendo el misterio de la pasión, muerte y resurrección de Jesús

Acompañantes Espirituales

Septiembre 2021 – Julio 2023

$ 700 por ambos años o $ 350 cada año

En un ambiente contemplativo se desarrollan las habilidades para trabajar en el ministerio de dirección espiritual formal e informal en la cultura hispana vivida en los estados unidos.