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Born in the late 11th century and living into the early 12th, Hildegard of Bingen lived during the medieval period and is considered a mystic and prophetic visionary of her time. She is also sometimes referred to as a “Renaissance Woman” because of the depth and breadth of her knowledge and talents.

Hildegard spoke beautifully of the harmony of God’s creation, believing it held the “greening power of Christ.’ Walking slowly through Hildegard’s life offers the chance to contemplate connections to our own.

Hildegard wrote hymns and antiphons, poems, and created artwork. She created her own language and wrote one of the first musical plays. She had visions and wrote letters challenging authorities in profound ways, particularly for a woman of her time. Her beautiful chants, some to be shared by Erin, will create a contemplative atmosphere for telling her story again, remembering and honoring her life.

By focusing on particular themes, we will allow her life to speak into ours, challenging and inspiring our living today. Music, storytelling, recognizing Hildegard’s life as a window to our own, silence and sharing, space for journaling, creating, and letting the content speak to you as you rest will all be woven together as parts of the weekend.


Erin Matteson is a spiritual director, retreat facilitator, musician and Boundless Compassion Facilitator. She is ordained and spent nearly 25 years as a pastor in the Church of the Brethren before transitioning to more focused spiritual formation work with persons of various stories and belief systems. Erin received certification as a spiritual director from Mercy Center several years ago and has also been trained as a supervisor for spiritual directors. She has served as staff for Mercy Center for both the Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction and Sacred Journey programs. She currently serves with a team of staff for The Bread of Life Center preparing for the training of spiritual directors this coming spring. Erin has also attended numerous events with Joyce Rupp including the four day Boundless Compassion Retreat and a facilitator training where she became a certified teacher of the Boundless Compassion program. She now leads events focusing on various aspects of compassion, with a particular heart for encouraging self-compassion, and compassion for creation and those marginalized. Erin has a passion for creating sacred space for deep listening and compassionate companionship for the greening and growing, ripening and becoming of each one, and so, all creation. She works companioning individuals and groups toward this end. Erin loves spending time with creation gardening, at the ocean or in the woods, walking or running. She also loves spending time with family, especially her life partner, Russ, and her daughters and their partners, with friends, and watching the Chicago Cubs play baseball when she can. Learn more about Erin and her leadership at www.soultending.net and www.boundlesscompassion.org


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