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An Introduction to a Wisdom Way of Knowing: Wisdom Practices Series

9:30-12:30pm Pacific Time Online in 2024

January 20th
This Sacred Path: Three Centered Knowing
This Sacred Surrender: Centering Prayer

January 27th
This Sacred Voice: Chanting
This Sacred Body: Gesture & Movement

February  3rd
This Sacred Self: Witnessing & Welcoming
This Sacred Heart: The Way of the Heart


This is a series introducing some key elements of the Christian Wisdom tradition, particularly as synthesized by Cynthia Bourgeault. Wisdom has ancient roots and tends to re-emerge in our awareness in times of great individual and collective transition and turmoil. Wisdom is about seeing through the eyes of wholeness and is anchored beyond the changing circumstances of life.

During this Wisdom Practice Series we will introduce teachings and practices that support us in the Wisdom Way of Knowing. These practices will include three-centered awareness, self-observation, centering prayer, sacred chanting, body movement, lectio divina, sharing and discussion. These are all in service of consenting to the presence and action of God in our hearts, the organ of spiritual seeing, and in our lives. The more we are able to put these into practice, the better our ability to respond to what is needed in the world.



Heather Ruce, M. A. is a Wisdom Spiritual Director who offers Wisdom Practice Circles, Retreats, and Wisdom Schools focused on the expansive Christian Wisdom Tradition. She works within the lineage of Wisdom Teacher Cynthia Bourgeault whom she has been a student of for over a decade. Heather weaves her Masters in Marital & Family Therapy and training in Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence & Spiritual Direction into her teaching and guidance in various Wisdom practices in service of waking up and putting on the Mind of Christ. Find out more at heatherruce.com.

Joy Andrews Hayter, Ph.D. is a spiritual director whose offerings include Centering Prayer and other contemplative practices of the Christian Wisdom tradition. These practices encourage us  to lean into the Love that is constantly being offered within a relational web of Sacred Unity. As a scientist she sees in the physical world an expression of that love. Joy regularly offers retreats on Centering Prayer, often emphasizing the incarnational nature of the Christian path. She recently published The Cosmic Web: Hope for Our World Through Science and Spirituality. You can find more about her at joyfulfillment.com.

Catherine Regan, Ph.D. is a spiritual director, retired psychologist, and adjunct staff member at Mercy Center, primarily serving on the Centering Prayer team. She has a special interest in participating in the reclamation of the Christian Wisdom tradition and fostering the contemplative practices so urgently needed at this time in our world.


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