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January 4 (9:00AM – 3:30PM) – A Day for Spiritual Directors (hybrid on Zoom and in-person, Spanish translation available on Zoom only).

Four Contemporary Spiritual Direction Issues:

As we journey in spiritual direction new issues arise. Don Bisson will name four issues for conversation to enhance our Practice of Direction.

A. When journeying with the very elderly such issues as scrupulosity, fear of death, regrets, harshness of inner voices and others create deep suffering. How do we journey with them into peace and self-reconciliation.

B. With so many new issues coming into peoples lives, what is the role of consultation and who is available for this ministry.

C. The spiritual director must discern the differences between authentic spiritual practices and magical thinking. What criteria do we use?

D. Many directors are beginning to age out. How do we discern when to begin retiring from a spiritual direction practice?


January 5-7 (starts w/ dinner at 5:30PM) – Weekend Retreat with Don Bisson (in-person only)

Awakening in the Second Journey:

Life can disturb, disrupt and paradoxically can explode into a new way of being.
This workshop is for people of all ages who have felt seduced by the under tow
of the Reality of God for a greater purpose in life. How do we co-operate with its desires?
How do we communicate this Reality to others? Can we challenge others to potentially follow with us?
These and many other topics will be discussed. Come and form a community called to awaken.

Don Bisson FMS, D.Min
is foremost a spiritual director with over 40 years of experience Marist Brother He is presently living in the Bronx in New York City, is engaged in the training of spiritual directors, retreat directors, and supervisors of spiritual directors. In addition to his doctoral work in Spiritual Direction and Jungian psychology, he hold graduate degrees in Liturgy, Christian Spirituality, Transpersonal Psychology and Pastoral Ministry.


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