Grace Yoga at Mercy Center

Mercy Center is happy to announce our new yoga program, Grace Yoga. Grace Yoga has been bringing yoga to their Millbrae location for the past eight years. They are known for teaching traditional yoga and providing yoga for Every Body. Yoga at Mercy Center will be for all ages, as well as all body types and abilities.

Starting with two instructors, Lorene Schratter and Dana Berman, Grace Yoga will bring the same knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to yoga students at Mercy Center, starting July 5, 2022.


Dana Berman

Yoga Instructor

Dana has worked as a health professional for more than three decades. Her training and experience include health education and executive leadership. Having witnessed the value of yoga and meditation as healing modalities she began to study and commit herself to learning and teaching the traditions. Dana completed her 500-hour teacher training at Mount Madonna Center and wanted to provide a peaceful, safe, and fun place for others to advance their practice or experience yoga for the first time. She opened Grace Yoga Studio in Millbrae, California and provided yoga and meditation for students until 2022; She is now teaching for the community at Mercy Center Burlingame.

Lorene Schratter

Yoga Instructor

Lorene is the happy mother of five and grandmother of eight. She began her yoga journey twelve years ago at the age of 58 and became a certified yoga instructor 8 years ago. Teaching yoga has become a passion and her personal practice helped guide her through a year of cancer treatments. She did not miss a day. Lorene is trained in and teaches multiple styles of hatha yoga including vinyasa, yin, restorative, and Bikram’s 26 poses. Her students range in age from 4 to 99 years old; from preschoolers to those in assisted living. She teaches and enjoys working with experienced yogis, and students new to yoga. “Yoga is more to me than exercise. It is a way of life that brings body, mind and spirit together.  It is my passion. I try to bring fresh energy to every class and teach classes I would like to take. No one starts out excellent. Allow yourself to be a beginner.” Start now!



$150 – for unlimited classes


Level 1

$ 110
  • 5 classes

Level 2

$ 200
  • 10 classes

Level 3

$ 310
  • 20 classes



This class is excellent for beginners, as well as more experienced students wishing to take it slower and still experience all the benefits of yoga. The classes focus on releasing tension, connecting with the breath, and helping students gain strength and flexibility. Gentle yoga uses traditional yoga postures with slight variations to accommodate all levels of yoga students. 


Chair yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available. Here, you will be performing postures and breathing exercises with the aid of a chair. It is a great way for you to experience the many wonderful benefits of yoga without having to get up or down from the floor! Benefits include increased balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and stress reduction. Suitable for all levels. 


Yin yoga (or passive yoga) is deep stretching into postures and then help for a longer time to create flexibility, mindfulness and softness to release the connective tissues, thereby creating space and integrity in the joints. The stretching will be followed by some restorative yoga poses. In these postures your muscles are allowed to relax, your breath slows and your nervous system calms. It is a unique feeling, rather than using your muscles, props are used to support your body. All postures are done on the floor and are held for a duration of 5-10 minutes, The class uses bolsters, blankets, and blocks to fully support the body in each pose allowing deep relaxation.