Levanté 1 Video Retreat

Virtual at Mercy Center Burlingame
WEEK 1 July 10-15 M-Th 9AM-12PM

Michael Fish on Road
Michael Fish, OSB Cam

Levanté 1, the first of Michael Fish’s fascinating new retreat series, is designed to help us recognize the opportunities for personal growth that are often hidden within everyday experiences. With each video session, he provides a springboard inviting fresh perspectives on life’s challenges and rewards.

Born of Michael’s experiences during his arduous and eventful fifth Camino across Spain, Levanté 1 focuses on how simple everyday events hold valuable lessons for living life in the “now.” Each session, each day, offers a separate, distinct experience that can reveal simple, easily overlooked opportunities for us to live more fully in the present and in the presence of the Divine. Amazing and unpredictable, the Levanté journey provided a wealth of wonderful opportunities to see what God can teach us about each and every life experience.

Michael uses his remarkable gift of storytelling and metaphor to show us how these experiences can hold the key to opening our hearts to a wider view of our relationship with ourselves, our families and the world around us.

5-day Workshop with Lunch Commuter Rate: $500
Workshop with Meals & Overnight Stays: $800
Learning Grant Rate: $300

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WEEK 1 July 10-15 M-Th 9AM-12PM
Facilitator, Barbara Howing


WEEK 2 July 17-22 M-Th 3PM-6PM
Facilitator, Sister Diane Clyne, RSM