Lo Cotidiano: Sacred Stories, Sacred Journey

Live in-person
WEEK 2 July 17

Ana Maria Pineda, RSM
Keynote Speaker

Lo Cotidiano—a word in Spanish that means “daily life,” and points to the extraordinary reality that life is a Sacred Journey and that it contains countless stories of how God is present in each moment of our daily, simple, ordinary life.  We are each blessed with “lo cotidiano” and often are unaware not only of how precious each moment is but of the gift that God is offering us.  We can reflect on our own personal stories but also look to the lives of others who struggled to the best of their ability to discover the gift of God in each precious moment and each precious life.  In this spirit, the presentation “Lo Cotidiano, Sacred Stories, Sacred Journey” given by Ana Maria Pineda, RSM will reflect on the lives of Saint Archbishop Oscar Romero and Jesuit Blessed Rutilio Grande of El Salvador and offer the opportunity for personal reflection and discovery.