Meal Choices

JUNE 3: SE™ Group Supervision: Case Consultation & Demonstration w/ Peter A Levine, PhD Meal Choices

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Deadline: Please return by May 20, 2023

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Meals Information

Our Food Services department is committed to serving delicious, healthy food and strives to offer daily choices for people with a variety of dietary preferences.

• We cannot support specific dietary restrictions for individuals.
• If you have a food allergy or intolerance, you are welcome to supplement your meals by bringing some of your own food items.
• There is refrigerator and microwave on each bedroom floor available for guest use.
• Please label food items with your name and the dates of your retreat.
• At the end of your retreat, remember to take home or dispose of what you do not use.

Type of Meals:

Please choose the types of meals you wish to eat during your stay.

Extending your stay before or after your retreat may be available upon request. Please contact the front desk receptionist to check availability by calling 650-340-7474.