Bernadette Hart, RSM

Bernadette Hart, RSM – Sister Bernie Hart is an experienced Spiritual Director who had helped on numerous retreats and days of prayer, both here at Mercy Center and elsewhere. She enjoys incorporating art activities into her presentations and helping others to listen to what the experience tells them about themselves and their relation to God.

Catherine Regan, Ph.D.

Catherine Regan, Ph.D. is a spiritual director, retired psychologist, and adjunct staff member at Mercy Center, primarily serving on the Centering Prayer team. She has a special interest in participating in the reclamation of the Christian Wisdom tradition and fostering the contemplative practices so urgently needed at this time in our world.

Christine Jurisich

Christine Jurisich is the foundress of the Retreat, Reflect Renew ministry, author, an adjunct facilitator with Mercy Center Auburn, Mercy Associate, and holds a graduate certificate in Mercy spirituality. She is a spiritual director, trained through the Mercy Institute of Spiritual Formation at Mercy Center Burlingame and is currently working on her masters in theology. Christine’s work in retreat ministry began twenty years ago with the personal and spiritual growth ministry, Ministry of Mothers Sharing. The Sisters of St. Benedict at St. Paul’s Monastery in Minnesota sponsored the ministry at the time and mentored her for over ten years. As…

Cindy Rasicot

Cindy Rasicot is a retired Marriage and Family therapist and author of Finding Venerable Mother: A Daughter’s Spiritual Quest to Thailand. Her memoir is a soulful story of spiritual healing through her loving connection to her Buddhist teacher, Bhikkhuni Dhammananda. Her latest book, This Fresh Existence: Heart Teachings from Bhikkhuni Dhammananda tells the remarkable story of Thailand’s first fully ordained Buddhist nun and shares her gentle wisdom on how to lead a more compassionate life. Cindy delights in spreading the joy of these teachings on to others.

Colette Lafia

Colette Lafia is an award-winning author, spiritual director, and retreat leader. She has a passion for the contemplative path, and invites us to see ourselves as manifestations of Divine Love. Her most recent book is The Divine Heart: Seven Ways to Live in God’s Love, which received a 2022 Nautilus Book Award. To learn more about Colette, please visit

Colleen Thomas

Colleen Thomas is a Spiritual Director and long-time practitioner of Centering Prayer who delights in companioning others on their spiritual journey facilitating contemplative prayer groups, workshops and retreats. Her particular passion is for widening the reach of contemplative practice and teaching to younger and BIPOC communities. Colleen earned her MA in Theology and Art from Fuller Theological Seminary. She worked in television in Los Angeles for 15 years before relocating to her hometown of Washington D.C. where she continues to explore her creative passions while enjoying the close companionship of her family. You can discover more about her work at…

Don Bisson FMS, D.Min

Don Bisson FMS, D.Min is foremost a spiritual director with over 40 years of experience Marist Brother He is presently living in the Bronx in New York City, is engaged in the training of spiritual directors, retreat directors, and supervisors of spiritual directors. In addition to his doctoral work in Spiritual Direction and Jungian psychology, he hold graduate degrees in Liturgy, Christian Spirituality, Transpersonal Psychology and Pastoral Ministry.

Doreen Meister MA, LMFT

Doreen Meister MA, LMFT, is a Certified Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®) Practitioner, and licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in creative arts expression. She has been helping adults to develop resilience, regulation, self-compassion, authenticity and connection for over fifteen years. She has a private practice in Oakland, and has facilitated expressive arts groups for women, led classes at residential rehab centers, and in community-based organizations and corporate workplaces. Doreen also has over 25 years meditation experience and expresses her creativity through jewelry design.

Erin Matteson

Erin Matteson is a spiritual director, retreat facilitator, musician and Boundless Compassion Facilitator. She is ordained and spent nearly 25 years as a pastor in the Church of the Brethren before transitioning to more focused spiritual formation work with persons of various stories and belief systems. Erin received a certificate in the art and practice of spiritual director from Mercy Center and also trained there as a supervisor for spiritual directors. She has served as staff for Mercy Center for both the Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction and Sacred Journey programs. She currently serves with a team of staff for…

Gabrielle Lou Psy.D.

Gabrielle Lou Psy.D. is a spiritual director and licensed clinical psychologist. She specializes in providing a depth-oriented approach that supports people in their psychospiritual development. Her work emerges from her own struggles and healing journey in God and professional training. Prior to becoming a psychologist, she had worked at a global high-tech firm in Silicon Valley for more than twelve years. Originally from Hong Kong, her own diverse background allows for high regard and sensitivity for ethical, cultural, and religious values.

Gwojen Fung

Gwojen Fung started coming to Mercy Center and meditating with Fr. Tom Hand in the 80’s. She joined Sr. Janet and the team in leading retreats and workshops for the last three years. Her interests are in contemplative practices, accompanying others in Centering Prayer, walking the Camino, and developing an awareness of God’s ever presence.

Heather Ruce, M.A.

Heather Ruce, M.A. is a Wisdom Spiritual Director who offers Wisdom Practice Circles, Retreats, and Wisdom Schools focused on the expansive Christian Wisdom Tradition. She works within the lineage of Wisdom Teacher Cynthia Bourgeault whom she has been a student of for over a decade. Heather weaves her Masters in Marital & Family Therapy and training in Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence & Spiritual Direction into her teaching and guidance in various Wisdom practices, all in service of waking up and putting on the Mind of Christ. Find out more at

Jean Evans, RSM

Jean Evans, RSM – Jean trained for spiritual direction at Loyola House in Canada. From 1984 – 2012, she worked with Sisters of Mercy in South Africa in adult education. Jean offers spiritual direction and retreats. She coordinates First Friday Taizé Prayer, which is in-person and on-line.

Jen Norton

Jen Norton graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Fine Art and a business minor and worked as a Graphic Designer in the high-tech arena for a decade before pursuing her art full-time. Painfully shy as a child, Jen was unable to communicate with anyone outside her family except through drawing. Visual language was her first language and she never lost her passion for its ability to communicate her emotion. The process of painting helps her connect more deeply in her own prayer life. Jen is the author of “Surrender All: An Illuminated Journal Retreat through the Stations of the…

Joseph McHugh, S.J.

Joseph McHugh, S.J. – is a longtime friend of Mercy Center—having been a member of the teams training spiritual directors. Currently, Fr. Joe is serving the Catholic community in the Fiji Islands, working with priests and religious in personal renewal.

Joy Andrews Hayter, Ph.D.

Joy Andrews Hayter, Ph.D. is a spiritual director whose offerings include Centering Prayer and other contemplative practices of the Christian Wisdom tradition. She is the author of The Cosmic Web: Hope For Our World Through Science and Spirituality. Find out more at

Linda Bradford, RSM

Sister Linda Bradford, RSM is an artist, writer and experienced group leader.

Liz Dossa

Liz Dossa is a certified guided autobiography instructor.

Mary Ann Clifford Rodriguez, RSM

Mary Ann Clifford Rodriguez, RSM – Mary Ann is a Sister of Mercy. She is a spiritual director, supervisor, retreat director and works in the formation of spiritual directors in English and in Spanish. She has spent over 20 years working in Latin America and the Caribbean. She is adjunct staff of Mercy Center in Burlingame.

Mary Loebig Giles

Mary Loebig Giles (she/her) is Pastor of Action and Contemplation at Common Table SF, leads a Faith & Justice cohort, and offers spiritual direction outdoors in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. She facilitates retreats that awaken the heart through embodied and contemplative practices. Learn more here.

Nona Strong

  Nona Strong is a Zen teacher studying under Fr. Gregory Mayers, CSsR, who directed the Mercy Center East-West Meditation Program from 2005 to 2019. Nona began Zen koan studies with Fr. Greg, Roshi in 1996, and in 2019 she received full transmission as an Authentic Zen Master in the Empty Cloud lineage of Willigis Jäger, Roshi, OSB.

Peter Chan

Peter Chan received his certificate in Spiritual Direction from Bread of Life Center in Sacramento, CA, and is a graduate of the School of Pastoral Ministry of the Oakland diocese. Peter was also trained at the Center for Ignatian Spirituality in Sacramento to give the 19th Annotation of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercise. His ministry includes facilitating small group sharing and retreats with the Chinese Ministry at Mercy Center, Burlingame and other Chinese communities. He gives ongoing spiritual directions and guides people doing the Ignatian 19th annotation retreat. Peter seeks to accompany people longing for a close relationship with God to find…

Rabbi Dr. Adam Fogel

Rabbi Dr. Adam Fogel has practiced Zen meditation since 1996. Adam studied with Fr. Greg Mayers Roshi at the Mercy Center and completed formal Zen koan study in 2020. He is currently a Zen student of Dr. Ruben Habito Roshi in the Sanbo Zen tradition. Adam is a graduate of the Pluralistic Rabbinical Seminary, the founder of, and completed training as a Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher through the Institute of Jewish Spirituality in 2017. In his other professional world, Dr. Adam Fogel is a Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in private practice in Central CA and across the…

Sharon Chiarucci

Sharon Chiarucci, is a spiritual director with many years’ experience in offering ongoing spiritual direction as well as during parish and Ignatian retreats. Sharon’s training in spiritual direction was through the Christian Spirituality program at Creighton University in Nebraska. She ministers in Hawaii where her home base is on Oahu. Sharon’s skills in spiritual direction are complemented by her ease at guiding retreatants in expressing their graced moments through art.

Teresa Cheung, LCSW

Teresa Cheung, LCSW is a spiritual director with background as a therapist and training in Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. She has interests in different forms of arts, cultures, spirituality and contemplative practices. She has a passion for helping people to encounter the Divine in their daily lives and in everything.

Victoria Chan

Victoria 是一位靈修輔導員、也是一位帶領『依納爵神操』的輔導員。她分別在2017及2021年完成訓練及實習,並開始投入服務。她也是『慈愛中心』屬下的華人靈修培育組成員,協助帶領工作坊及避靜。另外,為了服務灣區華人的『身、心、靈』成長需要,定期在網上舉行不同的主題分享聚會。她從自己的成長經驗中,領會到造物主的大愛﹔渴望透過服務,讓別人體會愛與關懷、從而活出心靈的自由及內在所擁有的天主肖像。 Victoria Chan is a Spiritual Director and a Retreat Guide for the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.  She received her formal trainings and certificates from the Bread of Life Center and the Center for Ignatian Spirituality in Sacramento. Besides offering Spiritual Direction, and guiding the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises; her other ministry includes facilitating monthly groups sharing with the Chinese community from the bay area and leading retreat with the Chinese Ministry at Mercy Center, Burlingame.  Victoria seeks to verify and encourage people of different traditions “to bring out our inner spiritual freedom, our inmost truth, which is what we call the…