Cancer Prayer Support
Cancer Prayer Support Group is an ecumenical Christian group for men and women who have or have survived cancer, and for their support persons. We begin by checking in with each other.

Mercy Center Cancer Prayer Support Group

We are a spiritual, prayerful, support group, that embraces, honors, and accompanies all touched by cancer. Whatever cancer journey you are in, past and present, as patient, loved one, caregiver. We are co-sojourners in a safe place, to process and be held, in whatever you are going through. We check in, we listen, we share resources, ideas, we hold in faith, hope, love, & confidentiality, all that is brought forth.

*We generally begin the 60 minute session with the following:

Welcome Song: As a gathering ritual.

Introduction/Check-in: Share personal updates. Not necessarily medical. We just want to know how you’re doing.

Centering Activity: May include, but not limited to – breath-work; mindful movement; seated Qi-gong/yoga/tai-chi; prayer; inspirational quote; guided meditation/visualization/imagery; Scripture reading (lectio divina); reflective art activity; to name a few.

*Respecting each ones unique cancer journey, present moment needs of the participants, dictate the direction of each session. Up to The discretion of the Facilitator.

Closing: Prayer intentions – The Lord’s Prayer