Visitors from around the world come to Mercy Center Burlingame for private retreats. All of our bedrooms are individual occupancy for complete privacy. We offer silent dining room space for all meals.


Private retreats

To plan an overnight Private or Directed Retreat:

“Come away by yourselves…and rest a while.” (Mk. 6:31)

Private Retreats provide time in a supportive and contemplative atmosphere, with opportunities for prayer and Spiritual Direction. They are uniquely designed by each individual retreatant. To find a spiritual director/companion who best suits you, please search the SDI directory here. Many of our graduates who received ‘The Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction’ certificate of completion have profile listings on the SDI Companions Directory.


Ready to return to Mercy Center?

Is it time? Emerge and connect to something Deeper!

Enjoy a Day Retreat at Mercy Center. No scheduled program, just a time of peace and a break from the daily stress and demands of our overly wired world.

Leave your cell phone with us, bring your favorite healthy snacks, and relax or nap in your assigned bedroom. Take time to walk the labyrinth and the grounds… pray or meditate in Mercy Chapel or the Rose Room… linger over tea or coffee – and breathe deep!

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