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Seven Christian Mystics - Paintings by Sylvia Wuensche-Wienands 2020

This seven-piece painting series is based on Carol Lee’s Flinders’s book “Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics.” In these seven paintings/collages I depict my interpretation of their visions and ideas in an abstract/semiabstract way. In common to all of the women was a deep desire to know God and Jesus and have a compassionate and loving relationship. I express that in the verticality of the compositions by establishing a connection between heaven and earth. The background is blue with the idea of heaven as the spiritual realm. The triangles and triangular composition symbolize the Trinity, and the element of collage (a different one for each painting), the three dimensional aspect of their experience. The gold accents emphasize the divinity of God.

Besides these commonalities, there are important differences as well in how the mystics’ experiences were. I quote from the writings I used as inspiration for the painting, and I added what they were known for.

All artwork © 2020, 2021 Sylvia Wuensche-Wienands

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About the Artist:

Sylvia Wuensche-Wienands

One method in visual art is to freeze a moment or mood in time, to pause life; either to ponder about the object or to experience the eternal aspect of the subjects. I do this by focusing on a detail that represents the whole in an abstract or semi-abstract way. Creating a mood is crucial; to express different moods, color is the most important element. Texture adds depth, e.g. by including collage elements.

My themes often include some mystery, be it awe of nature or exploring the spiritual dimensions of life. I aim to inspire hope without negating tough times.

I am presently enrolled in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) to earn a certificate in painting. I have worked at an art oriented preschool in Belmont, California as a teacher and developed an art history curriculum for 2-5 year olds. I have exhibited with the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto and
the Naperville Art League and numerous other venues.

I have a Master’s degree in Pedagogics from Bonn University, Germany and an M. Ed. from UBC, Vancouver, Canada, as well as an ECE certificate from Cañada College and an art history certificate from College of San Mateo.

All artwork © 2020, 2021 Sylvia Wuensche-Wienands