Western and Eastern Spirituality: The Book of Job and Ten Ox Herding Pictures

Live in-person
WEEK 2 July 20

Eastern and Western spirituality both have deep histories in different kinds of spiritual practice. In this presentation we will look at both traditions’ spiritual practice. Two classic spiritual texts from the West and the East -The Book of Job and Ten Ox Herding Pictures – will be explored and compared. We will see how they can apply or integrate into our own practice.

gabrielle lou
Gabrielle Lou, Psy.D

Gabrielle Lou Psy.D. is a spiritual director and licensed clinical psychologist. She specializes in providing a depth-oriented approach that supports people in their psychospiritual development. Prior to becoming a psychologist, she had worked at a global high-tech firm in Silicon Valley for more than twelve years. Originally from Hong Kong, her own diverse background allows for high regard and sensitivity for ethical, cultural, and religious values.

Event Only: $30
Event with Dinner: $50